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Alan Abeyta, CPF

Owner / Framer

Alan has been a framer since college, that's how he paid for his graphic design degree. Never imagining he would continue in the business.

In 1996 he purchased Framin'Works and slowly grew it into one of the most complete custom framing destinations in the valley.

CPF, what is that you ask? It stands for Certified Picture Framer - a designation that is earned by taking and passing an exam prepared by the PPFA ( Professional Picture Framing Association).

In Jan of 2021 Alan purchased Best Lil Frame Shop as an extension of Framin'Works.

Alan is married with 2 kids attending ASU and 2 Italian Greyhounds named Luna and Dobby. In his spare time (6 nights a week) he enjoys coaching youth and junior triathletes for his non-profit TriProject.

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